Coglin's Raleigh

The 80s & 90s Bar

Randy Coglin's was a legend of the 80s and 90s bar scene. Now he's reliving his glory days with his very own bar located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh.

Coglin's Raleigh is a real BLAST from the past. Help us relive the glory days of the 80s & 90s with Randy Coglin and his friends. Jam out to your favorite tunes from the 80s & 90s while you sip on a frosty Coglin Cooler or split a Fishbowl with you buds.


North Carolina requires that bars keep a membership list and collect $1 annual membership dues. If you love the 80s & 90s, and want a place to kick back and relive the glory days then there is no better place than Raleigh's best bar: Coglin's.

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House Rules:
Members are allowed up to 25 guests
All members and their guests must be at least 21 years of age
Members are respectfully requested to employ the "Golden Rule" to treat all guests with kindness, and respect.
Coglin's Raleigh has a zero tolerance policy on violent behavior, weapons, and illegal drugs
Members must know their limits, and drink responsibly
Alcoholic Beverages must be kept inside the building.
Tabs left open overnight are subject to an automatic 20% gratuity

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