Coglin's Raleigh

The 80s & 90s Bar

Randy Coglin's was a legend of the 80s and 90s bar scene. Now he's reliving his glory days with his very own bar located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh.

Coglin's Raleigh is a real BLAST from the past. Help us relive the glory days of the 80s & 90s with Randy Coglin and his friends. Jam out to your favorite tunes from the 80s & 90s while you sip on a frosty Coglin Cooler or split a Fishbowl with you buds.

bachelorette party hq.jpeg

Hey Ladies!

Coglin's Raleigh is the best venue for your Bachelorette Party. Crimp your hair,  put on some neon leg warmers, and get ready for the most epic night of your life! From amazing DJs who play only the best 80s & 90s tunes to an unparalleled drink selection, Coglin's has everything you need to throw the perfect bachelorette party bash!

Make a reservation today!


We know you need a place to relax when you take a break from the dance floor.

Reserve a VIP Booth and bottle service in our VIP back bar so your girls and you have a place to party in privacy as the nighty unfolds!   


What would a bachelorette party be without a few delicious drinks from the bar?

Sip on our signature Coglin's Coolers and cocktails to fuel up for fun all night long! 


Need a lift? 

Coglin's Raleigh has partnered with the folks at Key Lime Limousines to make sure you can arrive in style.  


Got the munchies?

We have plenty of catering options for your bachelorette party-- from sweet and savory desserts to light hors d'oeuvres to plated dinners, we have what you want to satisfy your appetite!